Who we are?

We are regular people that are keen into webdesign and webdevelopment. Young and innovative growing group of people that wants to develop in every aspect of 21st century web.

It's simple. We are Keyners

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What we do?

Basically everything that You need. Starting from responsive (smartphones, tablets, wide screeens) websites to iOS/Android mobile Apps. We have our own CMS that is written specially for your needs.

We also create some awesome freebies. Check them out!

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How we do it?

Simple. Minimal. Useful. User friendly.

How other way should we do it? Our projects need to be simple, useful, user friendly and we make them with use of minimal design.

Windows, Mac OS X, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera. All platforms, all browsers. It doesn't matter. We can make it. We are Keyners

Less is more.

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What people like

Get it now! Our popular freebie used by many (big brands and everyday users). Give your site a little flat taste.

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