Who we are and what we do

Keyners is a group of people that are bored with the mainstream of webdesign. Its time to say STOP and get our hands dirty!

We have 6 years of experience in webdesign and development market. We have created many websites that are live and useful every day. We also worked with big companies like: Intercon or 3e.

We accept no limitations! You want a internet store? No problem, no limits with bandwidth, space or number of products. Its all for You to work easier, faster and better.

recent clients
Shopify Tomasz Ossoliński Polsko-Ukraińska Izba Gospodarcza Hexalife


Polish Creative Group

Keyners work with many different clients. From fashion designers through photography studios. We develop big websites like:Tomek Ossoliński, Polsko Ukraińska Izba Gospodarcza and smaller ones: Polish Creative Group.

We keep our clients with us all the time, that they feel confident are safe.

Through partnership with a great company PCG (Polish Creative Group), our portfolio and experience grows every day. We are not afraid of challenges. We support all browsers, tablets and smartphones, for example take a look at these: PCGTomek Ossoliński

Rules of our success


Thoughtful and well-planned project. Goal already met at the entrance. The basic principle of our design: Less is more.

Why? Less stuff on the site, more focus on the recipient's what matters most. Time rushes faster than we think, and every second, new things that push forward quality standards. These are our projects. The best quality and the highest standard.

Any type of project does not hide secrets from us. We are the masters of the profession and are not afraid to show it.

We are proud to present the results of our work.


Each of our design is made so that it is supported by all devices (Responsive) and all the latest browsers. The project must be: User Friendly.

Tools for browsing the web today are not only big resolution computers and high-definition screens. You have to constantly look for new solutions. Hit on all of them, without exception, the platform and drive the world of high-quality technology.

Computers, tablets, smartphones. That's our goal. Accomplished!


Properly deployed content is the key to success. Analysis of the content and place it on the page in the right place is the foundation of all the principles for Keyners.

You can not sell people junk! Our projects are not empty shells. Each of them has an interior worth knowing!

For each party follows the message, which is guided by the company. The message contained in the letters, words, sentences and numbers. We put them in such a way that even a complicated design can be intuitively simple. Understood from the first second.

Meet the team

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